Clio Mk3 1.5dci Timing belt replacement

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Clio Mk3 1.5dci Timing belt replacement

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out. I would like to change the timing belt on my Clio. I have removed all the covers and the auxiliary belt to expose the timing belt.

I have purchased the proper timing pins from Sealey to lock the camshaft and crankshaft in place.

The problem I have is that I can't get the hole in the camshaft to align with the one in the engine block and get the pin in. It is always slightly out by just over a mm.

First I screwed the crankshaft locking pin into the engine block and rotated the crankshaft until it is hard up against the pin.

Then when I try I can't seem to be able to get the camshaft pin inserted. I keep taking the crankshaft pin out and rotating the crankshaft round one full turn and trying it in again but it never fits.

I am reluctant to proceed any further until I know the reason why it won't engage. My engine has the adjustable camshaft pulley with the three bolts in.

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Re: Clio Mk3 1.5dci Timing belt replacement

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You have to turn the crankshaft until it is close to the crank pin, continue until you can insert the camshaft pin through the sprocket and into the the hole in the head, thus locking the camshaft. Fully screw in the crankshaft pin and rotate slightly until it contacts, all is now set. Your old belt may have some slack making it difficult for you to do it your way.
If you have purchased a 'Gates' timing belt kit then there are full instructions with it.