Savoy Garage.

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Re: Savoy Garage.

Post by macAU » 11 Aug 2014, 20:01

Just to add my endorsement, somewhat belatedly, for Malcolm Orme of Savoy Garage. He was most helpful, seemed very knowledgeable and has a reasonable charge - a pleasant, honest experience. Thanks Malcolm :-D

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Re: Savoy Garage.

Post by Xantic » 25 Jan 2015, 01:49

i would recommend Malcom of Savoy Garage a very fair and polite guy to deal with.

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Re: Savoy Garage.

Post by Peter.N. » 25 Jan 2015, 09:38

I would third that.


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Re: Savoy Garage.

Post by CitroJim » 25 Jan 2015, 18:31

Fourth'd :)

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Re: Savoy Garage.

Post by daviemck2006 » 25 Jan 2015, 18:53


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Re: Savoy Garage.

Post by mad_at_french_cars » 20 Jun 2015, 20:27

Another thumbs-up for Malcolm Savoy from me..

Put a new clutch in my C4 VTS, excellent price, genuine parts. Even picked me up from Preston train station this morning on his day off so I could collect it.

Top chap.